A task force working on the cooperation between Social Economy, civil society and digital organisations in Europe

As every pillar of our common mission, our research is based on collective intelligence.

Our task force is gathering every month, to work on the ongoing study framing, along with our Scientific Comitee and our Orientation Comitee.

The last Research topic published by the organisation is about Cooperations in between Social Economy + Civil Society and Tech organisations in Europe. We are willing to analyse the needs, practices and criterias of the first ones to understand better how we can usefluly create Commons, Skills transfer and shared value with the Tech sector in the EU.

Be part of a taskforce and learn from the others how to build stronger position and systems to accelerate Social Tech.

#Techforgood #Makeitforgood

Our scientific committee

Axelle Lemaire
Terra Numerata / Roland Berger
Emmanuel Rivat
Agence Phare

Who worked with us

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