Our story begins with an observation

 The digital transition of the social economy in the European Union is not sufficiently supported. 

People having an idea


of French associations have difficulties with digital tools


of social economy organisations wish to develop digital skills

There are many reasons why the social economy is lagging behind in the digital transition

The reasons are structural. Indeed, access to public and private funding is directed more towards projects than towards structures.

The reasons are also cultural. There is a strong need for digital literacy in social economy structures.


Social Good Accelerator with François Hollande

To solve this problem, the Social Good Accelerator was created.

Our community was built as a European Network for People, Planet and Social Tech. It soon became the European movement engaged in the digital transition of social economy stakeholders.

With our delegation of associations, social entrepreneurs, social innovators and foundations, we started working together to encourage Tech and Social Good stakeholders to work together to create innovative solutions in the European Union.

Social Good Accelerator with François Hollande