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The SOGA is aimed at a community of players united by a common objective: to transform the digital ecosystem so that it serves the general interest.

Whether you are innovative Social Tech operators, researchers, Social Economy Network leaders seeking to integrate technology into your work, businesses committed to building a responsible digital future, individuals passionate about making a positive social impact, or public actors working for an inclusive digital transition, SOGA is your platform.

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Why become a member?

For social economy

Advocate for upkilling the sector.

Represent our interests at a European level.

Take advantage of the visibility and opportunities for cooperation offered to you by our diverse network.

Find the necessary expertise to help you in your digital transition and to decipher European Social Tech.

For companies

Show your commitment to a responsible digital.

Represent the interests we both share at a European level.

Join a European engaged community.

Take advantage of the visibility and opportunities for cooperation offered by a European community.

Find the expertise necessary to be in accordance with European Social Tech.

For individuals

Join a close-knit and active European community of over 70 members.

Improve your expertise and knowledge on Social Tech.

Train on the Social Tech jobs.

Volunteer in meaningful projects to improve the skills of many.

By joining, you can benefit from…

By becoming a member, you become part of a dynamic network of committed players and benefit from :

  • a priority partnership offer on our forthcoming national and European projects to develop the digital skills of the Social Economy
  • a priority co-organisation of our events promoting the digital Social Economy
  • an expertise and monitoring on Social Tech topics and European funding opportunities sent by email*.
  • an access to our discussion channel to discuss, share or simply find out about upcoming events before they happen
  • an invitation to take part in our working groups to build European advocacy, participate in the co-construction of projects on digital skills or in our research projects
  • an invitation to our seminar and afterwork sessions 2 or 3 times a year

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