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We empower and scale up social economy and civil society with digital commons for a better European Social tech

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Social Organization
Public Affairs Expert

Join a community committed to innovate, pledge and broadcast Social Tech in Europe to increase the power of Social economy & civil society.

Connect your organisation to others in order to collectively think, act and empower your stakeholders.

Be part of a taskforce and learn from the others how to build stronger position and systems to accelerate Social good.

#Techforgood #Makeitforgood

Levers for Action


  • Academy: Sharing knowledge and skills to help as many people as possible progress, benchmarking best practices.
  • Atlas: Inspiring and connecting our members to create projects together and raise funds.
  • Collective actions: Valuing Social Tech initiatives and carrying out collective actions.


  • Research: To study the needs and expectations of non-profit stakeholders on their digital transition, as well as the potential for cooperation with other sectors.
  • Experimentation: With collective solutions and sharing lessons learned


  • Inform: To conduct a permanent watch and inform our members and beyond about institutional and legislative issues, as well as opportunities proposed by public stakeholders.
  • Advocacy: Building collective advocacy and representation of interests at the European level based on a clear identification, by the stakeholders and macro and comparative studies, of the needs, opportunities and obstacles encountered in the field.


Social and solidarity organizations fully recognized as stakeholders of the digital transition in Europe.

Find them in our open-source tool

European Social Economy Summit

Two conferences held online by the Social Good Accelerator broadcasted from Mannheim, Germany.



Social Tech Research

While the first part of a three-part study by the Social Good Accelerator looked at the need for cooperation between the social and technological sectors, the second part will have a much more specific dimension.


Social Good Academy

You missed the last episode of our webinar programme?               No problem ! It is available on replay on Crowdcast, and it will always be.



Who are we ?

The Social Good Accelerator is a European movement born in 2017 out of an observation: the digital transition of organizations that work and innovate for the general interest is not sufficiently taken into account by public authorities, companies and investors. It is, however, a prerequisite for innovation and European competitiveness centered on democratic values, social justice and the environment.

The SOGA EU is composed of 60 members – companies, non-profits, citizens – and federated in association.

Our Vision

The digital transition of Social Economy stakeholders in the EU should be effectively supported. This development is crucial for these organisations.

Alternative models from the Social Economy should be rapidly developed for a more inclusive, just and democratic society. Digital citizenship and low tech should be encouraged.

Tech innovation and social innovation share a forward-looking and proactive vision of the future. Let’s work together to drive a fair, inclusive, sustainable digital transition for the Common Good, while increasing everyone’s skills.

Our Values

Solidarity and knowledge sharing
Citizenship and Democratic Governance
Member volunteering and fair compensation for workers
An optimistic, militant movement open to partnerships

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