Discover the SOGA’s 2021 activity report and its perspectives for 2022

Through its working groups (now renamed ‘programmes’), the Social Good accelerator and its 70 members have carried out ambitious projects for the development of a European digital model that is inclusive, sustainable and accessible to all, accelerating the digital transition of the social economy and social tech.

Discover all the actions accomplished by the SOGA throughout the year 2021 and its perspectives for 2022 in this activity report. This version was approved at the ordinary general meeting on 18 June 2022.

2021 in brief…

European Community programme 

✔️ 3 SOGAcademy webinars aimed at acculturation to digital good practices.
✔️ The complete realisation of the Social Tech Atlas project, an open and bilingual database of European digital social economy organisations.
✔️ European funding obtained for the Social Tech Academy project, a future European resource platform for digital social economy professions
✔️ An award ceremony at the Social Economy Award.


Public Affairs programme 

✔️ Participation in the creation of the action plan for the social economy through a 28-page policy paper sent to a European consultation.
✔️ Several policy meetings: with Karel Vanderpoorten (Policy officer at DG Grow) and Nicolas Hazard (INCO).
✔️ Participation in several key political events: the European Summit in Mannheim and the Social Economy Week (ActES).
✔️ The drafting of an open letter to be sent to policy makers at the beginning of 2022 (French Presidency of the European Union).

Social Economy Awards

Jeanne Bretécher, President of the Social Good Accelerator receiving the Social Economy Awards in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 12 October 2021.

Research programme 

✔️ The framing of SOGA study 2 which will focus on the added value of online collaborative economy initiatives, through a comparative study on the use of OpenStreetMap and Open Foods Facts.


And many more:

✔️ Fundraising: a European project obtained
✔️ 2 membership campaigns: +24 members
✔️ 12 articles published on the blog and 12 newsletters sent
✔️ On Twitter: about 110,200 people reached, 275 followers, 103 mentions and 7985 visits

Our challenges for 2022 

🎓 Deploying our Social Tech Academy project to its full potential 

First, until the end of 2023, we are engaged in the Social Tech Academy project funded by the Erasmus+ programme. We want to extend this project with one or more complementary project(s).


📍Organise Social Good Week Europe 

We are organising this event with kick-off events: in Brussels and Lisbon (already organised) and in Paris (September 2022). The official Social Good Week Europe will take place from 2 to 8 November 2022.

📣 Continue to grow in influence 

We take a political stand with our open letter, our letter to the ministers or the participation in the European consultation and in the construction workshops of the European text “Transition Pathways” with the European Commission in the framework of the action plan for the social economy. SOGA is also a member of the European Commission’s Pact for skills.


📚 Launch part 2 of our study 

After having conducted a first study on cooperations between social economy and Tech actors in Europe, we want to launch a second part on citizen databases as a tool for cooperation and value creation.


👩 Find a stable business model and stabilise our team 

Finally, we are testing a new service offer based on strategic consulting (consulting, European institutional watch, watch on European funding). 


About the author

Justine Coopman
Public Affairs and Communication
Lille, France