Social Tech Academy

From 2023 on, the Social Tech Academy will be the European platform of resources on the digital professions of the Social Economy and Social Tech. 

Our objective: to give you the keys to entry and orientation in the digital transformation of social economy through three dimensions.

Who will be concerned ?

Any person in initial or continuing education, in reflection or professional reconversion who wishes to find meaning in his or her job while opening up future prospects. But also any Social Economy employer and trainer!

Young graduates or students

Social economy trainers

Social economy employers

People in a retraining process

The families of jobs we will detail in the Social Tech Academy:

User experience

Digital project management

The resources we will provide through the Social Tech Academy:

Interviews of pros

Thematic webinars

Job descriptions



Resources centre

Job and training ads

Our partners

Our platform will be collaborative and will bring together the expertise of organisations committed to social and solidarity-based digital technology. Its new version will be built with our European partners with the financial support of the European Union.

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