The existence of the Social Good Accelerator depends above all on the commitment of its community

The recent existence of the association, and its growth, are made possible by the unfailing commitment of our volunteers. Without them, none of this would have been possible. Co-construction of projects, daily commitment, interventions: take a look at what we have done together. 

People coming together

Discover those who give of themselves for a fairer and more inclusive digital social economy.

By the way, like Erwan, Trish or Sam, you can also join the ranks of the volunteers, build projects with us and appear on this page 😉


Co-founder of >Contournement>, Erwan informs and trains on no-code tools. He is powered by the wish to democratise and make coding accessible to the many. For him, no-code tools don’t have the place they deserve in our digital economies.  That’s why Erwan co-created the Social Tech Atlas, an interactive map that lists more than 1,000 social tech organisations in Europe with such tools. Take a look there!


In addition to her consulting skills, Hélène has more than one string to her bow. Sensitive to the issues that the Social Good Accelerator defends, she provides solid assistance in the management of the association’s life and in its projects. In particular, Hélène helps us to create communication materials, produce critical analyses and more generally support the team when called upon to help!


At the Fantastique Bazar, Sam is the technical director of the team. At the Social Good Accelerator, he remains more or less in the same frame of mind. He mainly comes to give us emergency help when the site you’re on crashes. In short, as you can see, even if he doesn’t eat kryptonite, Sam is the superhero of the Social Good Accelerator website!


A true communications pro, Trish helped launch the Social Good Accelerator rocket during her graduation internship in 2018. Since then, she has decided not to leave the ship. Between all her commitments, she steps in to support the SOGA team on what communication strategy to adopt. She also mentors the interns who follow her to become seasoned communicators like her!


In between music lessons, Arthur joined the Social Good Accelerator in 2021, convinced of the themes we were defending. He co-constructed the Social Tech Atlas with other volunteers by aggregating several databases to this map, before making them compliant with the RGPD. In other words, without Arthur, this interactive map would be very thin!


As volunteer on the Social Tech Atlas project, Louise is the human embodiment of no-code as an accessible tool. For the record, she had next to no coding skills before tackling the construction of this interactive mapping app. In a few weeks, she took the miracle recipe of >Contournement> to be an expert in app creation. Louise can now train you on no-code. Impressive performance, isn’t it?


A true pioneer of the Social Good Accelerator, Lucie has always been at the side of the association to come to its rescue. She is the Communications Director at microDON. To make it short, she is a major asset for the whole association in the projects we carry out. For example, she is part of the steering committee of the Social Good Week, and as such, she concocts nuggets of communication elements for us. Thank you for your commitment Lucie!


Like Lucie, Charlie is also a founding member of the Social Good Accelerator. He forms a strong duo with her on the Social Good Week steering committee. His critical eye allows us to relaunch Social Good Week, which he co-organised the last time in 2018, for the record. In short, thanks to you for getting back into the arena!


To create the Social Tech Atlas, there was no shortage of hands thanks to Patricia! Her time on the project was focused on capturing data and then structuring and reviewing the database. She also made several modifications and evolutions for the new versions of the mapping. Such commitment is an inspiration to all!