Data of general interest: 

towards a public partnership with Social Economy

8 November 2023 marks the start of NEC ESS Europe, the meeting of the digital Social Economy in France and Europe, organised by SOGA. Its objective? To promote and accelerate digital Social Economy. This event is part of ANCT’s Numérique en commun[s] initiative and is co-funded by Crédit Coopératif. With over 200 participants and more than 80 speakers, the NEC ESS Europe was the catalyst for some fascinating discussions. Here is a report on the discussions at the conference “Data of general interest: towards a public-private partnership with the Social Economy”, which took place in Paris.

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The conference brought together leading figures such as Jacques François Marchandise (Exploranum), Emmanuel Porte (INJEP), Vincent Bachelet (Inno3), Rémy Gerbet (Wikimedia France) and the Deputy Mireille Clapot (CNSP). Together they explored the challenges and opportunities of using data in the digital social and solidarity economy (SE), an increasingly important topic in the digital age.

Advocating for Inclusive Digital Transition

Jacques François Marchandise initiated the discussions with an insightful focus on inclusive digital transition. He emphasized the necessity of dismantling barriers between professional realms. Jacques François Marchandise illustrated his point with the transformative role of digital mediation in various sectors. This, he argued, is key for the successful integration of digital technology across societal spheres.

Data Culture in Associations

Emmanuel Porte took the stage to delve into the subject of data culture within associations. Emmanuel Porte challenged the view of data as a constraint, especially under the RGPD, positioning it instead as a tool for territorial cooperation. Emmanuel Porte highlighted the importance of data perception and utilization in professional training and capacity building within associations. Emmanuel Porte referred to Cahiers de l’action (n°60) “Les associations au défi des données numériques”.

Exploring Data Use in Digital Commons

Vincent Bachelet then shifted the discussion towards the utilization of data in digital commons. Vincent Bachelet questioned various methods for the effective use of collective data, while upholding the principles of digital commons. Vincent Bachelet’s insights opened new perspectives on ethical and collaborative data valorization.

Collaboration in Data Dissemination

Rémy Gerbet emphasized the critical role of collaboration in the dissemination of data of general interest. Rémy Gerbet presented the collaboration between the OMS and the Wikimedia movement during the COVID-19 pandemic as an exemplary case. This collaboration demonstrated how the rapid sharing of validated information can achieve a significant global impact.

Legal Frameworks for Digital Commons

Mireille Clapot, a Member of the European Parliament, concluded the series of talks. Mireille Clapot stressed the need for suitable legal frameworks for digital commons of general interest. Mireille Clapot advocated for a clear legal definition of digital commons and the adaptation of legal and fiscal frameworks. She referenced the CNSP’s Opinion on the Digital Commons, led by Jeanne Bretécher, which offers insights into the challenges and solutions for the development of digital commons.


This conference brilliantly highlighted the complexity and importance of data management in the digital social economy. You can watch the replay on the Social Good Accelerator YouTube channel.

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