Our Research : Cooperation between Social utility & tech organisations in Europe, chapter 1 – 2019

This study aims to identify the needs for cooperation
between social and technological innovators and provides an overview of
the different forms of cooperation between these actors. In this first
part, we analysed the expectations and obstacles of social utility
actors overs the 2018/2019 period. The second part (2020-2021) will
focus on the interests and collaborative wishes of technological actors
in Europe.

Notre étude : Coopération entre acteurs d’utilité sociale et de la Tech en Europe, volet 1 – 2019

Cette étude vise à identifier les besoins en coopération entre les innovateurs sociaux et les innovateurs technologiques et dresse un panorama des différentes formes de coopération entre ces acteurs. Dans ce volet, nous analysons les attentes et freins des acteurs d’utilité sociale sur la période 2018:2019. Le deuxième volet (2020-2012) sera axé sur les intérêts et souhaits de collaboration du côté des acteurs tech en Europe.

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        • To have a better understanding of which social good and tech actors work together and/or those who are open to this type of relationship (types of organisations, values, interests, country of orgin).

          • To have a better understanding of the types of cooperation that exist already, their mutual interests and the solutions across different fields (e.g. funding, tools, skill transfer, pro bono work).

          • To have a better understanding of how social good and tech partnerships are facilitated by the maturity of national social and tech ecosystems, specific Tech sectors, or by specific types of national a transnational networks.

          • After the study is completed, we seek to produce key learnings and clear guidelines on how to support and strengthen these collaborations. These guidelines will be addressed for and discussed with social good and tech actors, national decision-makers, and the European Commission.


Tech for Good : A Study

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