Our SOGAcademy programme

This Community project was born out of the results of our 2019 study which aimed to analyse the needs of social utility actors in cooperation with digital actors.

Our results shows that a large majority of social utility structures that have cooperated with a structure of the tech innovation consider that this cooperation has had positive effects on the reinforcement of its Tech skills (80%) and the reinforcement of its social impact (78%). However, a large majority considers that Social Economy and civil society structures are not sufficiently aware of the potential of technology (76%).

We have therefore conceived the SOGAcademy as a peer-to-peer, open source, democratic and practical #ESS digital acculturation programme designed to “empower” SSE actors in their digital transition and their participation in the construction of digital public policies in Europe.

SOGAcademy responds to three main goals: 

      • Promotion of Social economy and civil society solutions: through these online trainings, we want to promote the digital solutions of SSE or plebiscited by its members, and thus allow a better understanding of the challenges and potentialities of the digital transition.

      • Digital inclusion and mediation: because we firmly believe that digital is the business of all citizens and all organisations, we believe that digital acculturation is a major social issue for SSE organisations, which are real “transmission belts” to the publics furthest away from digital. 
      • Educate and upskill: through our programme, we wish to increase the skills of those involved in social utility by offering them the opportunity to meet their daily digital needs. 

      SocialGoodAcademy 2021