The new models of citizen and contributive economy in Europe

Chapter 2 (2021-2022)

In 2019, €184 billion of value was created in Europe thanks to the open-data. Generative ecosystems which are based on open data are becoming increasingly important. Through qualitative interviews in four European countries (France, Germany, Portugal, Estonia), the aim will be to carry out a comparative macroeconomic analysis.

The launch of this research chapter is planned for July 2021, for a publication in 2022.

The objectives of our study and its first chapter

The first goal is to promote the forms of development of these contributory models and their virtuous dynamics (contribution/exploitation of data).

The keystone of this study will aim to advocate to European and national institutions on supporting and promoting these models.

We aim to understand what are the gains (social, economic) of these contributory models for the companies and the entrepreneurs around Europe.

To better understand the uses but also the obstacles encountered when using these contributory models by companies, institutions and entrepreneurs.