The Social Good Accelerator is a European movement born in 2017 out of an observation: the technological transition of non-profit organisations working and innovating for the general interest is not yet sufficiently taken into account by public authorities, companies and investors.

It is, however, a sine qua non for innovation and European competitiveness centred on respect for living beings, social justice and climate change.
This technological transition, which leads to greater efficiency for the Social and Solidarity-based Economy, but also to new safeguards in the face of the hyper-growth tech sector, must be accelerated and placed at the heart of European transition strategies, in order to steer our models towards greater inclusion and collective well-being.
The collective has been federated into an association since 2018 and brings together more than 30 member organisations. It leads an advocacy, a community of solidarity and proposes tools to support actors who are or wish to contribute more to the technological transition of non-profit organisations in Europe.

Our objective: Social and solidarity-based organisations fully recognised as players in the digital and technological transition in Europe

The power of social utility actors is to implement effective solutions to social and environmental challenges. But their technological transition is poorly supported, even though the innovation that is recognised and financed is essentially technological innovation.
The power of technological innovation actors is to accelerate the time and efficiency of organisations. But technological innovation is only of value if it produces an improvement in the well-being of all, within the limits of the planet’s natural resources.
These two “worlds” (technological and social) rarely intersect.
It is essential today to bring forces together to respond to the major global challenges.
We believe that the actors working for the Common Good must be given the means to develop their skills and to invest in order to increase the efficiency of their models and services thanks to technological potential.
This is a sine qua non for accelerating societal change in Europe and strengthening the raison d’être of the European Union.

To achieve this, it is necessary to :
  • Play collectively at European level by creating a network dedicated to the defence of the technological interests of the actors of the social and solidarity economy in Europe
  • Encourage technological philanthropy: the methods, economic efficiency and resources of tech companies can be put at the service of the general interest, and social and environmental skills can feed technological innovation.
  • Enlight non (for) profit tech models that put fairness, environmental impact, sovereignty, democracy, respect of data privacy at the core of their mission

    Our Values

    Our action is based on citizenship and solidarity and aims to strengthen European citizenship.
    Our action is non-profit-making and mostly voluntary, but we are keen to remunerate the work of our service providers at their fair value.
    Our action is resolutely optimistic, militant and promotes good practices of solidarity and innovation.

    Mission Statement

    To bring together, engage in dialogue and collaborate the actors committed to the technological transition of non-profit organisations working and innovating for the general interest throughout Europe.
    To build collective actions and representation of the technological interests of social and solidarity economy actors at the European level.

    Experimenting with collective solutions for the technological skills upgrading of non-profit organisations working and innovating for the general interest throughout Europe.
    Conduct collective research on the needs and resources of actors and inspire through the dissemination of portraits of solutions, political representatives and projects that work across Europe.

    Our Means of Action & our Working Groups

    Pooling of institutional monitoring and economic and political advocacy with national and European companies and institutions.
    Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing (SOGAcademy), Mapping of SSE digital and technological transition actors and their good practices in Europe, Event interventions and forums for technological transition in the media dedicated to Tech, Dissemination of news on technological transition from non-profit organisations working and innovating for the general interest in Europe.
    To shed light on the digital and technological needs of European social and solidarity economy organisations, but also on their obstacles to transition and the specificities of their models in order to better frame actions and policies to support the digital and technological transition of Social Economy and Civil Society in Europe. We are carrying out comparative research with actors in the digital and technological sector to see how they can support, cooperate or even co-innovate with Social and Solidarity Economy organisations.

     Our non profit organisation


    The association is managed by a board of 5 members and a Board of Directors of 23 members, all of whom are volunteers and disinterested. The executive committee meets monthly, the Board of Directors at least 3 times a year and the General Assembly once a year for the ordinary session and on referral or request of the executive committee in extraordinary session.
    The association and its General Assembly are made up of active voluntary members and European ambassadors who are partners of members. It may appoint honorary members without voting rights.
    The association may be strengthened by employees seconded to the association as sponsors of skills.
    The association is financed by memberships, subsidies, patronage or sponsoring of partner companies and, where applicable, a share of service revenues (less than 30%).