Elected every year by the members, the boards of the Social Good Accelerator aim to be diverse, inclusive and representative.

Discover the bios of the skilled personnalities who are part of it.

Executive board

Jeanne Bretécher

President, Co-Founder

Co-Founder associate (Yourmission, Paris)

After a career in consulting and project engineering in corporate philanthropy and partnerships, Jeanne created Génération 2 Conseil in 2013 and surrounded herself with committed consultants with complementary skills. In 2017, the firm became a Scop and continues to facilitate partnerships for the Common Good by designing strategies and programmes as well as collaborative coaching and training methods.

Jeanne then co-founded Yourmission, an enterprise which supports the leaders of committed organisations in asserting their raison d’être and encourages the development of their positive impact programmes, in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Jeanne is also a qualified member of the joint parliamentary committee for Digital and Postal Affairs in the French National Assembly.

Gabriela Martin

Vice-President in charge of Public Affairs

Vice-President (La Fonda, Paris)

Gabriela has placed the defence of human rights at the heart of her work since she was very young. After observing social distress in Europe and its neighbourhood, she decided to conduct consulting and support missions in public affairs, project engineering and influence.

As a former Emmaus Europe General Delegate, her mission has been to promote a democratic Europe through the choice of public debate, support for grassroots groups and the bringing together of minds and practices around shared collective interests in order to propose innovative ideas to local and European decision-makers.In this sense, she has been involved in the gestation of European projects involving actors from various sectors from all over Europe.

Since 2018, Gabriela Martin has been a director of Fonda. She joins the board in April 2019 and, after two years as secretary general, she becomes vice-president in charge of influence in April 2021.

Lila Senta-Loÿs


Development manager (Chantier Ecole Île-de-France, St-Ouen)

After studying political science and international law in Lyon and Beirut, Lila had a first work experience for Resacoop. In this organisation, she worked on the economical developement and on international cooperation.

She then joined the Social Good Accelerator for an internship. Sensibilised by digital and inclusive issues, Lila then remained an active member of the association and is now an member of the executive board since 2020.

Besides her engagements, she now works for Chantier Ecole Île-de-France, a national network for training and inclusion based in L’Île-Saint-Denis. Within this structure, Lila works on both digital issues and on relations with similar stakeholders, whil following the current projects.

Jérôme Giusti



Founder associate (Metalaw Avocats, Paris)  

Lawyer since 1997, Jérôme is a specialist in intellectual property law and in new technologies, information technology and communication law.

Having started his career in large international law firms (Deloitte and Herbert Smith), he founded and managed the firm 11.100.34. Avocats Associés, especially dedicated to start-ups and innovative entrepreneurs, for more than 10 years.

A committed lawyer, he is also president of the humanitarian association Droits d’urgence, for which he initiated an online legal access platform. He teaches at the CELSA and is a lecturer. He is also co-director of the Observatoire justice of the Fondation Jean Jaurès. Jérôme advises his clients in all areas of intellectual property and new technologies, in both French and English.


Axelle Lemaire

Former French Secretary of State in charge of Digital and Innovation

Former French Secretary of State for Digital, at the origin of the law for a committed digital Republic, Axelle is a fervent advocate of digital inclusion and technical solutions for the social and solidarity economy. After her political career, she became responsible for the development of Terra Numerata, a global ecosystem of innovative start-ups and companies.

In 2022, Axelle joined the French Red Cross as Deputy Director of Strategy, Transformation and Innovation and Managing Director of 21, the social innovation incubator of this same organisation.

Board of administrators

Jérôme Auriac

Founder (Larfeuille, Paris)

Jérôme is the founder and CEO of Be-Linked and Larfeuille. In January 2013, he is founded After five years in sales and marketing for the editorial group Wolters Kluwer, Jérôme became the commercial director of Novethic, a resource centre for CSR issues and Sustainable Development.

In 2003, he joined the agency Manifeste as associate director. Specialized in similar issues, he created the website, the first online database with information about NGOs to facilitate public-private partnerships. In 2008, he founded Be-linked, Business & Community Intelligence, a consultancy firm specialized in business and civil society organizations relationship. 

Aurélien Beaucamp   

President (Association AIDES, Pantin)  

After studying in the Political Institute of Bordeaux, Aurélien started his career in Public Relations in France and in Australia. Then, he joined Michael Page as Executive Manager for more than 10 years, recruiting some permanent executive profiles on Non Profit market. More recently, Aurélien joined the board of AIDES, a French organization fighting Aids and hepatitis, created in 1984. The organization deals with informative, preventive, and rallying actions among people who feels concerned by Aids and hepatitis.

Since 2015, he is President of AIDES. In parallel, he is engaged in PageGroup, working against stigma and discriminations on job market developing internal inclusive solutions, collaborations with civil society, positive actions for those often forgotten.

Chloé Bonnet

President, Co-Founder (Five by Five, Paris)

Chloé founded Five by Five, an innovation studio, with Kat Borlongan, now French Tech Director, in 2013. She grew this business from 0 to 2M€ on a cut-throat market. Five by Five was then acquired by a global leader in technology and engineering services in October 2020. Prior to this, she was a Marcom specialist. Chloé was selected as one of the 10 women in Tech to follow in 2017 by StartHer.

She looks to invest time and money in business that fight inequity and build a better society. As a strong supporter of women’s rights, Chloé is particularly eager to meet and support FemTech and women health startups founders.

Arnaud Castaignet

Head of Communications and Policy (Skeleton Technologies, Tallinn)  

Arnaud is working for Skeleton Technologies, a Global Cleantech 100 and technology leader in energy storage innovation. He has been working in public relations and government affairs for over 11 years. In the public sector, he previously worked as Head of Public Relations for the Republic of Estonia’s e-Residency programme and as a Digital Communication Officer for the French President François Hollande.

In the private sector, he worked as Director for Political Outreach and Communication at DIGITALEUROPE, the European organisation that represents digitally-transforming industries in Brussels, and as a consultant for iStrat (now, Avisa Partners), an international public affairs consultancy in Paris. He started his professional career as a business journalist specialized in geopolitics of energy in Istanbul and Mumbai, after studying in Bordeaux, Bucharest, Belgrade and Brussels.

Antoine Détourné  

Executive Manager (ESS France, Paris)

Antoine studied political science in both Paris and Arras, and then became involved in and for politics. Indeed, he is an expert in sustainable, supportive and innovative business models. His achievements and works combine operational performance and strategic vision. Getting professionals from different backgrounds to come together around impactful project motivates Antoine.

He is convinced that data, whether financial or not, is an essential element in supporting and leading change.

Paul Duan

Founder, President (Bayes Impact, San Francisco)  

Paul was educated in Buc at a Franco-German high school, the Deutsch-Französisches Gymnasium in Buc. He went on to study a mixture of mathematics, economics and political science at Berkeley, the Sorbonne University, and Sciences Po, where he delivered the school’s commencement speech in 2017.

Paul started his career as a data scientist for Eventbrite, a Silicon Valley event management and ticketing start up. He then founded Bayes Impact, a YC-backed nonprofit building data science solutions to big social problems by building software systems for governments and non-profits.

Thomas Foppiani

President (Groupe Scopelec, Revel)

Thomas started his career in 2005 at the RATP as a Project Manager in the multimodal hubs team, after studying engineering. One year later, he joined the telecommunications sector by joining an SME specialising in the intervention and maintenance of end customers. He ensured the development and diversification of the company, which had become a group, notably by creating a very high-speed network department in 2007, and by taking over the national management of operations two years later.

In 2011, he joined the Scopelec Group to ensure its development in the IDF and Grand Ouest regions. He was appointed CEO of SCOPELEC in 2015. During that time, Thomas has taken up the challenges inherent in the commercial successes that have helped make the Scopelec Group the leading Orange service provider.

Lucie Gaudens  

Communication manager (microdon, Toulouse)  

Lucie’s curiosity and interest in communication led her to work in associations, institutions, agencies and companies (SMEs and international companies) in France and abroad. Equally at ease on the web as in the organisation of events, press relations or project management, she had thus developed a real versatility over the last 8 years. This experience allows Lucie to better understand the challenges of communication for stakeholders working in partnership on CSR issues. Convinced of the strategic role of communication in the company, she is committed to making it a value creator, thanks in particular to innovation and societal commitment.

Now working as a communication manager at the social enterprise microDON, Lucie is also a blogger since 2009 on non profit marketing and co-founder of Beesday.

Emma Ghariani

Co Managing Director (La MedNum, Montreuil)

Now co-director, Emma has steered MedNum since its creation in 2017. Having worked in strategy consulting and administration, she is passionate about social innovation and economic and digital transitions in the social and solidarity economy sector. She studied in Sciences Po Paris, INALCO and Freie Universität Berlin.

Charlie Tronche  

Head of PR (HelloAsso, Bordeaux)

Charlie is Director of Communications and Partnerships at HelloAsso, an online payment platform for associations and clubs.

Joël Gombin

Co-Founder, President (Datactivist, Aix-en-Provence)

Joël has a long history of research and teaching in the field of electoral sociology. He is specialized in the study of the far-right vote, on which he gave lectures in Amiens. Those studies and researches has also enabled him to acquire solid skills in data science. He has significant experience in project management for both public and private clients.

The social science research of Datactivist’s founders like Joël has fostered a conviction that it is essential to place users at the heart of open data policies.

Guillaume Jasson  

Co-founder, associate (Fantastique Bazar, Paris)  

After a time spent supporting innovative and impactful projects on behalf of incubators and innovation agencies, Guillaume decided to fully commit to the service of associations by co-founding the Fantastique Bazar. It consists of something like an incredible trunk filled with all the methods, tools, approaches that allow associations to scale up, face their ambitions and increase their impact.

It is through a contact with the people who collectively carry out the projects of associations that Guillaume have developed a real understanding of their problems as well as a strong sensitivity for their struggle. Him and his team find all the solutions that have proven themselves and tools adapted to each situation.

Angelina Lamy

General Delegate (Fondation Accenture, Paris)

Angélina is the General Delegate of the Accenture France Foundation since 2016, 10 years after she joined the group. Her work is mainly focused on the monitoring and management of IT projects. In 2014, she took a six-month break to become the head of the CSR study for the association Les entreprises pour la Cité.

She studied business administration and management in Reims.

Manon Léger  

Co-founder (Latitudes, Paris)  

Manon has been driven by the desire to be a social entrepreneur since a presentation by Matthieu Dardaillon at Centrale during her studies. After an internship at Vendredi and participation in the Erasmus programme for young entrepreneurs with Mouves, Manon launched herself full-time with Latitudes after initiating the association while still a student.

Since May 2017, Latitudes has been setting up programmes to encourage citizen involvement in projects that combine technology and general interest.

Víctor Meseguer

Director (Social Economy Europe, Brussels)

Víctor is the director of Social Economy Europe (SEE), an network which is the voice of the 2.8 million social economy enterprises and organisations in the European Union. SEE was created in 2000 under the name of CEP-CMAF, European Standing Conference of Cooperatives, Mutuals, Associations and Foundations.

SEE also represents the national social economy organisations of France (ESS-France), Italy (National Third Sector Forum), Portugal (CASES), Spain (CEPES) and Belgium (ConcertES).

Víctor studied political science, public sector management and European affairs in Murcia, Brussels and Pompeu.

Denis Pansu  

Project Manager (Fing, Paris)  

Denis has been in contact with innovators for 30 years, working to create a network of cultural, social, economic and scientific players innovating with digital technology. In 2002, he created the “Carrefour des Possibles” within the Fing, and has detected, coached and highlighted 1500 project leaders in 15 French regions, in Africa and in Europe. Since 2015, he has been promoting the “Carrefour des Possibles” methodology through several programmes.

In 2020, Denis led the Digital All Risks expedition.

Emmanuel Rivat

Co-Founder, CEO (Agence Phare, Paris)

After a PhD in political science in 2013, Emmanuel co-founded a research and consultancy agency, Agence Phare, with the aim of putting the promise of social science research at the service of general interest projects.

With the aim of producing and disseminating action methods to the greatest number of people, he regularly carries out public policy evaluations, social impact studies and strategy consulting missions for ministries, associations, social enterprises and foundations.

Emmanuel has been a lecturer at Ecole CentraleSupelec Paris since 2014 on the topic of social entrepreneurship.

Samira Sameur  

Responsible of Social Economy (Aésio Mutuelle, Paris)

Samira has a career focused on public relations, partnerships and social economy. As a major mutualist player in social protection, AÉSIO Mutuelle is part of social economy. She believes that this is embodied above all in our social purpose, which is enshrined in the French Code de la Mutualité.

In this sense, Aésio has no economic objective of remuneration of shareholders, as the mutual doesn’t have any. On the other hand, Aésio serves a social purpose, which is written in its DNA. Most of its profits are reinvested in the development of our projects, services and actions for our members.

Samira studied public affairs in Sciences Po Paris.

Denis Stokkink  

President (Pour La Solidarité, Brussels)

Denis had a cursus focused on economics. He was an advisor to the Belgian Minister for Employment and participated in the Belgian Presidency of the European Union in 2000. Since 2002, he has been president of the European think tank Pour la Solidarité, a structure serving citizens and political, social and economic decision-makers in the EU to promote solidarity in all its forms.

He is also a director of many European social economy structures and teaches courses on social economy and European policies in various training organisations in Belgium and France. Besides, Denis is the General Rapporteur of the European Commission’s Expert Group on Social Entrepreneurship (GECES). Throughout his career, he has acquired a strong expertise on social inclusion, social economy and employment policy issues.

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