EU Public Affairs

As every pillar of our common mission, our public affairs approach is based on a joint approach with all our members.

Our task force is gathering every month, to work on the institutional watch and common political positions on Social Economy and Technology EU policy design and awareness of policy makers in Brussels and from the 27 EU member states. As result of our collective work, we already answered to several EU Commission consultation. More information here…

Every quarter, we inform our members via a Newsletter on European public affairs, funding opportunities for our members and on what is happening in Brussels.

Be part of a taskforce and learn from the others how to build stronger position and systems to accelerate Social Tech.

#Techforgood #Makeitforgood

Our public affairs committee

Thomas Brisbart
Thomas Brisbart
Gabriela Martin
Gabriela Martin
La Fonda
Victor meseguer
Víctor Meseguer
Social Economy Europe

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