While the first part of a three-part study by the Social Good Accelerator looked at the need for cooperation between the social and technological sectors, the second part will have a much more specific dimension.

Even if the first part has just been completed, the association intends to continue its research work to deepen the results obtained so far. Part 2 of this research, which SOGA will launch in May 2021, will have two key objectives. First, it will study the needs and expectations of non-profit stakeholders on their technological transition, as well as the potential for cooperation with other sectors. Then, this second part will aim to enable collective solutions to be tested and lessons to be shared. To this end, a renewed team of researchers, more focused on a qualitative, comparative and macroeconomic approach, will carry out this component, which will last 18 months. This choice reflects the desire to provide real added value to policy makers, companies in the sector and the study’s funders. In order to carry out this large-scale work, the trust that the Social Good Accelerator placed in Mr Emmanuel Rivat (Agence Phare) during the first phase has been renewed to head this new scientific committee. Mr Thomas Poitelon (Totum Conseil) and his qualities as an economist will be essential to the success of this study.   The launch of this study will be the occasion to exchange with the patron of the association, Mrs Axelle Lemaire, former Secretary of State for the Digital Economy and Innovation in France. This meeting will allow the whole team of the association to come back on the relevance of such a study, both for the public actors and for the companies of the sector. It will also be an opportunity to discuss with the future funders of the study as well as with the scientific committee. At a time when digital and social economy issues are more than ever on the European agenda, the relevance of such a study is no longer in doubt.   To take part in this event, which is open to all, meet on 7 May at 3pm (CET) on Crowdcast.   Author Thomas Brisbart Research and Public Affairs Brussels, Belgium
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