A European Study: The Collaboration between Tech & Social Good Actors in Europe

In Europe, social innovation plays an important role in balancing our societies, governments and even determining our common identity. Yet, when we discuss innovation in general, it is technological and scientific innovation that predominates the sector. These two worlds, the technological and social worlds, rarely intersect, however they have a lot more to gain by working together rather than apart, to solve the large planetary and social problems we are facing. Technological and social innovation could be the answer to a lot of the large questions coming toward us in the future, in Europe in particular. This is our mission, to integrate more tech in social good and more social good in tech.


  • To have a better understanding of which social good and tech actors work together and/or those who are open to this type of relationship (types of organisations, values, interests, country of origin).

  • To have a better understanding of the types of cooperation that exist already, their mutual interests and the solutions across different fields (e.g. funding, tools, skill transfer, pro bono work).

  • To have a better understanding of how social good and tech partnerships are facilitated by the maturity of national social and tech ecosystems, specific Tech sectors, or by specific types of national and transnational networks.

  • After the study is completed, we seek to produce key learnings and clear guidelines on how to support and strengthen these collaborations. These guidelines will be addressed for and discussed with social good and tech actors, national decision-makers, and the European Commission.


  • A study over six EU countries:  France, Portugal, Estonia, and three optional countries (to be chosen amongst Spain, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, and Belgium).
  • A White Book of guidelines for national and European decision-makers before the 2019 European elections.