In an article by Sonia Lourenço, a member of the Social Good Accelerator’s Delegation present at Web Summit 2017, Lourenço discusses the corporate as well as personal benefits to pro-bono work. Knowing well that one of the solutions to close the gap between the Tech sector and Social Utility sector – as well as the wave of millennials demanding more than just job security from their employers – is to encourage skills-based volunteering. Lourenço remarks that the benefits to pro-bono work within companies is invaluable, making their employees feel empowered by having a sense of belonging and even learning soft-skills, allowing them to become better managers and team-members later on. The Social Good Accelerator is behind this movement, wanting large Tech companies to use their influence for the social good – and encouraging their employees to do the same.


A big thank you to Sonia from Pro Bono Lab for this fantastic article! Read the article here.

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